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Burton Latimer Taxis Your Reliable Transportation Partner

Travel  with Burton Latimer Taxis, where trust and comfort come together. Our goal is to deliver comfortable, secure, and timely travel experiences. For a night out, a special occasion, or a ride to the airport, you can rely on us for excellent transportation. When it comes to excellent travel services, we are your best choice.

Harpenden Cabs 24/7
Harpenden Cabs 24/7
Harpenden Cabs 24/7

About us

Burton Latimer Taxis A History of Outstanding Service

At Burton Latimer Taxis, we take great pride in our extensive record of providing excellent transportation services. Every excursion should be more than just a ride; the team work hard to make it an entertaining adventure. Our initial goal was to improve the cab experience. Our fleet consists of clean vehicles of various sizes, all equipped with modern conveniences to ensure your safety and comfort. We take precise care of our cars and have a staff of professional drivers ready at all times.

What We Provide

Comprehensive Transportation Services Tailored Just for You

We provide a range of journeys at Burton Latimer Taxis to meet your needs. We will take you anywhere in the city or to the airport on schedule. Our goal is to make your trip enjoyable and simple!

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Airport Transfers

Select Burton Latimer Taxis for the greatest Airport Transfers service. We know how crucial it is to arrive on time for your flights. Our excellent vehicles, which include MPVs, saloons, executive rides, and eight-seaters, guarantee that you get to the airport quickly and in luxury. Allow our professional drivers to handle everything so you may arrive at the airport and go without worry.
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Wedding Transfers

Wedding Transfers is a special service provided by Burton Latimer Taxis. The purpose of this service is to enhance the specialness of your wedding day. On your wedding day, we offer elegant vehicles and drivers who will ensure a seamless and beautiful travel. We will provide a little more luxury to your day, starting from the bride’s arrival and ending when the pair leaves after the ceremony.

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School Transfers

You can depend on Burton Latimer Taxis’s School Transfers service! We look out for your children’s happiness and safety while they travel to and from school. Our professional drivers always ensure a safe and smooth journey. Parents, you may relax assured that we have your kids secured.

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Meet & Greet Services

We make sure you feel at home and satisfied with the Meet & Greet Services provided by Burton Latimer Taxis. Our friendly drivers are available to assist you with your luggage and provide a smooth travel experience. We are here to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey, whether you are arriving from the airport or some other location.
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Taxi Services

We provide a wide range of taxi services at Burton Latimer Taxis to help you get to where you need to go. Providing your comfort and happiness during your travel with us is our top priority. We put a lot of effort into making sure that our taxis are reliable and will arrive at your destination on time.

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Local Services

Choose Burton Latimer Taxis if you need transportation around this area. We’re excellent for daily transportation around town. We’ve have you handled whether you’re heading to work, performing tasks, or just exploring the area. Our rides are easy to use, quick, and available whenever you need them.
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Baby Seat Services

For families, riding in Burton Latimer Taxis has never been safer or more pleasant! For the safety of your small ones, we provide specialized child seats in our cars. We are concerned about your children’s safety during the trip, so you may rest.

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Long Distance Journeys

For those who must travel a great distance, Burton Latimer Taxis provides customized journeys. Our experienced drivers and vehicles are prepared to provide reliable and comfortable long-distance travel. We guarantee a comfortable, joyful, and easy journey for you.
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Courier Services

We at Burton Latimer Taxis do more than just transport passengers. We also transport items for you! Whether they are parcels or important documents, our specialized delivery service guarantees that your belongings reach their destination. You can rely on us to deliver your belongings securely and quickly.

Why Choose us

Selecting Burton Latimer Taxis Is Your Guarantee of Dependability and Quality

It's not just about getting a ride when you choose Burton Latimer Taxis. It involves selecting excellence, dependability, and excellent service. Because we always arrive on time, have professional drivers, and have clean vehicles, we stand out in the transportation industry.


The transportation services provided by Burton Latimer Taxis are flexible and can be made to match your specific needs. Our experienced chauffeurs are always available to meet your needs.

Prompt Pickup

The drivers at Burton Latimer Taxis promise to pick you up on time, and we keep an eye on traffic patterns and flight times to make sure you never miss a flight or appointment.

airport We Provide

Transfers to Nearby Airports

Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport may be reached by special shuttles operated by Burton Latimer Taxis. These shuttles are dependable and adaptable to meet your requirements. Thus, using Burton Latimer Taxis to go to and from Stansted Airport is simple and stress-free.

Gatwick Airport

A large airport close to London is Gatwick Airport. There are a lot of planes arriving and departing from the UK, making it a busy airport. Burton Latimer Taxis is aware of the significance of arriving at Gatwick Airport in a timely and secure manner. 

London City Airport

London City Airport is a unique airport located in the city’s financial district in London. Special transportation is offered by Burton Latimer Taxis to and from this airport. Their primary goal is to assist businesspeople and anybody else seeking a convenient means of accessing the city center.

Gatwick Airport

People are well taken care of by Burton Latimer Taxis when traveling to and from Gatwick Airport. London’s Gatwick Airport handles a great deal of traffic, with many flights to foreign destinations. In addition to making sure your ride is comfortable, Burton Latimer Taxis guarantees punctuality for both pickup and drop-off.

Luton Airport

Due to its crowded nature, traveling from Central London to Luton Airport can be difficult. Burton Latimer Taxis is able to assist. They guarantee a smooth and seamless journey to and from Luton Airport. They are reliable and will guarantee that you arrive on schedule.

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our work process

Burton Latimer Taxis Booking Process

Pick-up Location

Just let us know your pickup location and we'll take care of the rest.

Select Vehicles

Burton Latimer Taxis Choose a Vehicle We have a diverse fleet of vehicles to choose from. Choose the vehicle that best meets your travel needs.

Online Payment

Burton Latimer Taxis online payment system is secure and convenient, allowing you to pay for your ride.


Our Clients' Reviews

I enjoyed riding Burton Latimer Taxis! They came on time to take me up from Luton Airport. The travel was nice and the driver was friendly. Without any hesitation, I'll use them again.
Because Burton Latimer Taxis delivered me to Luton Airport in enough of time, I wasn't stressed about missing my flight. The service was great, and the driver was really helpful. Highly suggested!
For my transport from Luton Airport, Burton Latimer Taxis provided excellent service. The driver was friendly and capable, and the booking process was simple. I had a sense of comfort the entire way.